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  • Regional manager

    1.Complete the sales target of the responsible region assigned by the company;
    2.Guide and supervise the work of salesmen to ensure the sales target is completed;
    3.Responsible for managing and training the salesmen in the region;
    4.Develop potential target customers in the responsible region, maintain key customers and expand new markets;
    5.Collect and summarize the competition and relevant information in the responsible region;
    6.Cooperate with the Market Dept. to complete the market activities in the responsible region;
    7.Complete other tasks assigned by the superior.

    1. Bachelor degree or above in medical treatment discipline;
    2. 8+ years of experience in sales and 5+ years of experience in team management;
    3. Able to find and solve problems independently and complete the tasks assigned by the superior with good team cooperation spirit;
    4.Able to analyze the market, make promotion, publicity, coordination and analyze and solve problems with good interpersonal communication;
    5.Healthy and able to stand pressure and take challenges with good mentality.
  • Market manager

    1.Develop the brand development strategy and establish and maintain the positioning of product brand of the company;
    2.Direct the subordinate in developing launching plan for new products and annual product plan;
    3.Develop and implement the market promotion strategy and ensure the enforceability according to the overall market plan of the company;
    4.Organize to assess the market prospect of the responsible products and complete the long-term competition strategy of the product;
    5.Train the salesmen regarding product expertise and market strategy;
    6.Coordinate and deal with the public relation and government affairs related with products.

    1.Bachelor degree or above in marketing management or medical treatment discipline, preferred with clinical experience;
    2.Have experience in marketing and in-depth understanding to the development of medical treatment;
    3.Strongly able to make planning with experience in organizing large market events and conference marketing and publicity;
    4.Have a sensitive awareness of commerce and market and able to analyze and solve problems; Able to integrate resources and business promotion;
    5.Preferred with successful cases before.
  • Product manager

    1.Participate in developing the scheme on product positioning, product management, marketing plan and market promotion to improve the sales volume effectively;
    2.Develop the product publicity plan, expense estimation and action or make it implemented;
    3.Develop and update the product promotion materials;
    4.Train the sales team, technical support team concerning product and clinical;
    5.Perform academic lectures and product technical support;
    6.Make market survey to put forward suggestions on product development for the R&D.

    1.Bachelor degree or above in medical treatment, biotechnology or biochemistry discipline;
    2.5+ years experience in promoting medical instruments or medical company;
    3.Have a sensitive awareness on commerce and market, able to analyze and solve problems with strong ability of integrating resources and business promotion;
    4.Able to judge and expand the market with strong ability in organizing and managing;
    5.Good skills in communication and cooperation and abundant experience in team building;
    6.Able to accept frequent travel on business
    7.Good English proficiency.
  • Business manager

    1.Manage the product line agents, including sign agreement, authorization granting, colleting the performance deposit, rebate, promotion, return and exchange of goods, and control over sales mode;
    2.Issue, interpretation and execution of business policy;
    3.Assist the team members in attaining the sales target of respective product line and provide the documents and data for team members and suppliers;
    4.Develop the service standard for product line agents;
    5.Follow the uploading of agent’s sales volume on a weekly basis;
    6.Follow the agent’s uploading of monthly total sales volume and inventory at the end of each month;
    7.Find and solve the discrepancy in data of agents in a timely manner;
    8.Coordinate the business-related departments, such as the connection process of operation, finance and information;
    9.Establish and update the database of new agents and expand the agent network;
    10.Deal with unexpected incidents and emergencies of agents.

    1.College degree or above;
    2.5+ years experience in marketing or business in medical instruments or medicines;
    3.Able to communicate with medical care personnel or administrators in hospital;
    4.Good team cooperation spirit;
    5.Good in communication, study and adaption.
    6. Good English proficiency.
  • Product specialist

    1.Assist in developing the product publicity strategy and market plan to promote the team in attaining the sales target;
    2.Know the product expertise and train the agents and salesmen concerning product and clinical;
    3.Make product publicity and promotion according to the market strategy, such as exhibition, seminar and study class, etc;
    4.Develop the product materials and sales tools, such as brochures, pamphlets, videos, operation manual, clinical application data, etc;
    5.Provide the clinical technical support to support the registration of products;
    6.Perform market survey to put forward suggestions for the R&D Dept. to develop new products, such as collecting the competitor’s information, researching the market trend and positioning the customer demands, etc.

    1.Preferred with a bachelor degree or above in clinical medicine or biomedical engineering discipline;
    2.Good English proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing;
    3.Strong ability in studying and understanding;
    4.Highly-effective communication skills with excellent ability to express and present;
    5.Strong ability in self management and independence and dare to take challenges;
    6.Have logic thinking and able to analyze and solve problems;
    7.Excellent ability in team cooperation and standing pressure;
    8.Go travels on business.
  • Business assistant

    1.Assist the sales in developing bidding documents;
    2.Assist the sales in developing contracts and placing orders;
    3.Assist the sales in preparing a Letter of Attorney for customers and deliver materials related with products;
    4.Assist the sales in checking and issuing invoices with the Finance Dept;
    5.Assist the sales in following the amount of goods in the region and collect the payment in a timely manner;
    6.Collect and collate the market sales data and statements and answer the superior’s query on sales status at any time;
    7.Control the sales documents, sales material publicity, sales contracts and orders, etc;
    8.Do well in the communication between the company, salesmen and customers;
    9.Answer the customer’s queries properly and cooperate with salesmen in maintain customer relations;
    10.Collect, update and file the customer files;
    11.Accept and complete various temporary or routine tasks assigned by the superior.

    1.College degree or above in medical instrument or international trade discipline;
    2. 2+ years experience in sales assistant in the sector of medical treatment and orders
    3.Skilled in MS Office software and ERP system, preferred with knowledge on finance;
    4.Strong sense of responsibility, excellent ability to express, communicate, and coordinate;
    5.Able to deal with sophisticated problems and emergencies independently;
    6.Take an initiative to work and serve customers;
    7.Integrity and trustworthy, good team cooperation spirit and coordination.
  • Medical specialist

    1.Collect, analyze and study the relevant medical information, data and references home and abroad, and know the development trend of the industry to provide a scientific and reasonable basis for the development and promotion of product sectors;
    2.Survey and selection at the early stage of project; provide the information and assessment comments on clinical experience of the project; attend telephone conference and communicating at the early stage;
    3.Determine the clinical research plan at the early stage, case report form, informed consent at the early stage of clinical program as well as the design and preparation of researcher manual, expert consulting to ensure the clinical plan is scientific and reasonable;
    4.Look up the category of references and update the latest research progress and assess the project risks in a timely manner;
    5.Cooperate with the testers in clinical test center to follow the clinical experiment and complete the clinical test report according to the pertinent regulations;
    6.Translate documents in the department.

    Basic Requirements:
    1.Bachelor degree or above in clinical medicine or preclinical medicine discipline;
    2.Excellent English proficiency in speaking and hand writing;
    3.Skilled in OFFICE software;
    4.Able to deal with interpersonal relations and stand high working pressure;
    5.Able to retrieve information and written and oral expression;
    6.Sound knowledge on medicine, sociable, and good at analyzing and summarizing rules according to the phenomena.

    1.1+ year experience in the sector of medicine or developed project approvals and schemes for several projects independently before, preferred with experience as a medical doctor;
    2.Skilled in retrieving, reading, and translating medicine references in English;
    3.Foundation in writing medicine in English and able to write and translate medicine documents in English.

  • Sales representatives

    1.Implement the sales management rules and details in the company and strive to improve the business skills;
    2.Complete the assigned sales indicator and offer pleasant services to customers;
    3.Implement and assist the after-sales services, understand the weekly and monthly consumption and inventory in the hospital in a timely manner, manage and follow the agents to ensure the contract implements on schedule;
    4.Understand the customers’ demands and grasp the market information in a timely manner;
    5.Establish a good cooperation with customers to ensure effective communication, deal with comments and complaints lodged by customers to improve their satisfaction;
    6.Collect the marketing information and market feedback, to provide basis on marketing planning and product improving.

    1.Attended training on marketing and product knowledge and familiar with marketing;
    2.Profession and enthusiasm for work. Able to stand high working pressure;
    3.Analyze and solve problems independently;
    4.Good team cooperation and dedication, communication and persuasion.
  • Cost accounting

    Number of recruitment: 1

    1.Review various incoming materials and cost expenditure in the company, account and analyze the costs, and develop the cost analysis statement;
    2.Distribute the cost expenses at the end of each month, and check the differences with Production Dept. and Sales Dept;
    3.Control the costs, do well in accounting and controlling costs, summarize and account the costs;
    4.Summarize the BOM for new products, establish the cost for new product standards and quote new products;
    5.Develop various account transferring receipts related with cost accounting;
    6.Develop the cost expense report and analyze and assess the cost expenses;
    7.Organize the relevant departments to check the payable and amounts paid in advance with suppliers on a regular basis, and follow and manage the amounts paid in advance;
    8.Check the outgoing inventory with warehouse and account the inventory;

    1.College degree or above in accounting discipline, preferred with a Qualification Certificate at Junior Level;
    2.2+ years experience in cost and material accounting, preferred with experience of accounting in large manufacturers;
    3.Skilled in EXCEL and Yonyou software, etc;
    4.Familiar with handling accounting statements and various tax laws;
    5.Good professional morality, team cooperation and communication. Able to stand working pressure;
    6.Good ability in risk awareness, study and finance analysis.