MedSphere Shanghai, subsidiary company of MedSphere International, was established in 2002 in Shanghai, China. This subsidiary pursues activities in the fields of R&D, manufacturing and marketing of medical devices. Its team of specialists possessed many years of experience in RF ablation techniques, as well as in the research, development and manufacturing of medical devices for minimally invasive surgery. MedSphere’s strengths are its state of the art technology, comprehensive quality control procedures, and broad sales channels. The top-ranking manufacturing and testing equipment guarantees the impeccable quality and reliability of the products. MedSphere also attributes high importance to its commitment to provide first class after-sales services, including technical support.

MedSphere’s leading products are in the field of minimally invasive ablation technology: RF generator with compatible electrodes. The equipment is suitable for treatment of a range of tumors, including tumors of liver, lung, thyroid, breast, etc. The RFA electrodes and generators developed and manufactured by MedSphere have been cleared by CFDA, and hold more than 10 Chinese patents.