[Frontier of Minimally Invasive] The prospects of the oncology market can be expected

Time:2016-05-16 View:1357

There was data to predict, the global oncology market will reach $111.9 billion by 2020. The industry insider said that, in the face of a huge market cake, both Chinese and foreign enterprises are accelerating the layout, and there had been enterprises to arrange arms and embattle in each of the segments, such as precis medical, immune therapy and anti-tumor drugs, etc.


According to “Global Cancer Report 2014”, it shows that global cancer cases will appear a rapid growth trend, and will increase to 19 million year by year in 2025 from 14 million in 2012, while the new cancer cases inChinaare in the first place in the world.


The statistical data of the world cancer report quoted by the Xinhua News Agency shows, the number of cancer incidence in China in 2012 was 3.065 million, accounting for about one-fifth of the global incidence; the number of cancer deaths was 2.205 million, accounting for about a quarter of global cancer deaths. As an emerging industrial country,Chinais still in the stage of rapid aging society, the incidence and mortality of tumors are still rising.


The analyst pointed out that, the BRIC countries includingChina,India,BrazilandRussiawill become the fastest growing tumor market in the world.