The domestic first magnetic navigation RF ablation of lung cancer under bronchoscope was successfully implemented by the cooperation of MedSphere with Thoracic Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University

Time:2016-05-16 View:1504

On April, 8, in Thoracic Hospital Affiliated toShanghaiJiaotongUniversity, the domestic first electromagnetic navigation RF ablation of lung cancer by precision guidance of bronchoscope was successfully implemented for a patient with dilated cardiomyopathy combined with early stage lung cancer. This RF ablation treatment was under the guidance of Han Baohui, vice president of the hospital, and hosted by Sun Jiayuan, the director of the internal endoscope room, and completed jointly by the respiratory endoscopy room, the department of anesthesia, endoscopy room and other departments.


The preferred treatment method of early lung cancer is surgery, but for those patients with poor cardiopulmonary function, the elderly or the patients who can not tolerate surgery due to other reasons, how to do? Today, RF ablation technology of lung cancer has made these “special” patients not distressed. RF ablation technology of lung cancer belongs to the field of interventional therapy, and it is an effective treatment method for tumors which can kill directly the cancer cells by heat effect. In “The United States National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) Guidelines”, “Chinese Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Norms”, RF ablation technology is recommended to treat patients who cannot tolerate surgery at early stage.


The patient, Mr. Lou, was diagnosed with early lung cancer not long ago. The bronchus in human lung is like a big tree, the tumor of the patient grew in the distal end of the bronchus, located at the “treetop”. It is more difficult that he is suffering from not only lung cancer but also dilated cardiomyopathy, diabetes and high blood pressure, so the risk of the surgery is very high. He had seek treatment in several well-known domestic hospitals, but didn’t obtain satisfactory treatment. Just as Mr. Lou was in the dilemma of “cannot accept surgery, but still want to receive treatment”, he was attracted to seek treatment in Han baohui’s outpatient clinic of theThoracicHospital. Under the lead of professor Han, and after multidisciplinary consultation of the Department of Respiratory Medicine, Endoscope Room, the Department of Anesthesiology, the Department of Radiology and other departments, the hospital developed a scheme of “RF ablation treatment of early lung cancer by precision guidance of electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy” for the patient.


At 9:00 am of April, 8, under the guidance of Professor Han Baohui, the director, Sun Jiayuan led the team to carry out the ablation for the patient. Under the guidance of electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy, the “ablation needle” of MedSphere “walked” in the natural lumen of the bronchus, and successfully reached the location of the tumor. The whole process of the ablation took only 5 minutes, the patient did not have any injuries, and was returned to the general ward for rehabilitation after the operation.


According to the introduction, theAffiliatedThoracicHospitalis the training center of respiratory endoscopy diagnosis and treatment of the Ministry of Health, and it can carry out the various four level technologies (the highest degree of difficulty) of respiratory endoscopy. The treatment was carried out in the natural lumen of human bronchus. Compared with the common ablation treatment through chest wall puncture, it reduced the possibility of occurrence of pneumothorax, bleeding, infection, transferring by the needle tract and other adverse events, and the safety of the treatment was greatly improved. On the other hand, the electromagnetic navigation technology was used in operation, which greatly expanded the operating range of bronchoscope, and could reach the distal end of the bronchus, making the treatment more accurate and effective.