MedSphere Company participated in Tumor Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University Conference

Time:2016-05-16 View:1390

On November, 6-7, 2015, the second session of Shanghai Forum on Minimally Invasive Treatment of Tumors and National Continuing Education Class on Minimally Invasive Treatment Techniques of Tumors, with “To Create the Future of Minimally Invasive Treatment in Every Possible Way” as the theme, was held successfully in Mingdao Building of Shanghai Medical College affiliated to Fudan University. The conference organized by Anti-Cancer Shanghai Society, undertaken by Tumor Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, and held jointly by the magazine agency of “Chinese Journal of Cancer” and the magazine agency of Shanghai “Anti-Cancer” and other institutions, was a great domestic session on minimally invasive tumor therapy,

The session attracted nearly 500 experts and scholars in minimally invasive treatment from around the country to participate in. The vice president of Tumor Hospital Affiliated toFudanUniversity, Chenzhen, and Professor Meng Zhiqiang hosted the opening ceremony together.